Appetite for consumption

A gesture based to-do app to help you keep track of that next great thing with curated recommendations on the side

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Beauty in simplicity

Designed to be simple, fast and there for you at the right moment

Dead. Simple.

Unapologetically simple. No photos, reminders, filters, tags. Just simple, good-old text.

All gestures, no buttons

Get everything done with intuitive gestures. Swipe left. Swipe right. Pull up, pull down.

Perfect for one-handed use

No need to reach that button lives that up high. Get everything done comfortably with the flick of your thumb.

Here to suggest

Every category has curated lists for those times when you have nothing to look forward to. We'll make sure to keep them updated frequently.


We wanted the animations to feel fast, snappy and responsive so that you're not slowed down by it.

Add items from your favourite apps

iOS share sheet and widget integration new lets you add a new item from pretty much anywhere

A purely independent effort. Made in London.

We really hope you guys like it as much as we do. If for some reason you ever feel like treating us a coffee, here’s a handy link. We can't have enough of those oat-flatties.

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